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5 Creative Ways to Reuse Household Items

Old Luggage Suitcases & Trunks

1. From an old suitcase to a chair or table:

Do you have a vintage suitcase lying around? Open it, screw legs on the bottom, and pad the inside and voilà! a chair. Or, you could leave it closed, put legs on the bottom, a glass sheet on the top, and make it into a bedside table.

2. From an unused drawer to a shelf:

Take drawers from an unused dresser or armoire and use them as shelves throughout your house. They can be positioned vertically or horizontally to give you more room to display valuables or just to add some spunk to a ro

3. From a headboard to a coat rack:

Do you have an old headboard that you’ll never use again? Paint it a fun color, attach some hooks, put it on the wall, and you’ve got a new coat/backpack/purse rack for your house.

4. From a ladder into a bookshelf:

Take that old, rickety ladder and mount it on your wall to use as a bookshelf! This adds an interesting element to any room plus gives you more space to display your books!

5. From a bathtub into a couch:

You can turn an antique bathtub with feet into a couch by simply cutting out one side of the tub and having a cushion made for the bottom of the tub. To spice it up even more, paint the tub with vibrant colors. 

bathtub seating

If you want to put some of these creative ways to reuse household items to the test, but you don’t have any of these items lying around, Old House Depot is the place to go! Check us out on Facebook and Pinterest or give us a call at 601.592.6200! 

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